ASD Siracusa Calcio 1924

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Full nameSiracusa Calcio 1924 SSD
Siracusa Calcio 1924
Nickname(s)Azzurri (All-Blues),
Founded1924 (Tommaso Gargallo)
1937 (A.S. Siracusa)
1996 (U.S. Siracusa)
2013 (Siracusa Calcio)
2019 (A.S.D. Siracusa)

  • 2000 in Marina di Ragusa
  • 2021 (relocation to Syracuse)
GroundStadio Nicola De Simone, Syracuse
ChairmanAlessandro Ricci
LeagueSerie D Group I
2023–24Serie D Group I, 2nd of 18

Siracusa Calcio 1924 SSD, commonly referred to as Siracusa, is an Italian football club based in Syracuse, Sicily. (Italian: Siracusa, Sicilia) The club currently plays in Serie D, the fourth-tier of football in Italy.


Former clubs in Syracuse were:

A.S.D. Siracusa[edit]

In July 2019, another phoenix club was founded in Syracuse[2] and named after the city as A.S.D. Città di Siracusa, the third team to do so in the 2010s. On 8 August, the phoenix club was admitted to Promozione Sicily,[3][4] the sixth tier of Italian football and the second highest tier of Sicily local football league. In 2021 the club was totally sold and became F.C. Leonzio 1909.

Another re-foundation[edit]

Immediately after the old club fled to Lentini, A.S.D. Marina di Ragusa moved to Syracuse and became actual A.S.D. Città di Siracusa. The club was then renamed to A.S.D. Siracusa Calcio 1924 in 2022.

Colours and badge[edit]

The colours of the team are sky blue and white.

Notable former players[edit]




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