Mientras haya vida

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Mientras Haya Vida
Created byGuillermo Ríos
Developed byLaura Sosa, Leticia López, Guillermo Ríos
StarringMargarita Rosa de Francisco
Theme music composerMargarita Rosa de Francisco
Opening themeVen a Morir
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes188
Executive producerEpigmenio Ibarra y Carlos Payán
Running time60 minutes
Original networkTV Azteca
Original releaseMay 2, 2007 (2007-05-02) –
January 18, 2008 (2008-01-18)
Followed byVivir Sin Ti
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Mientras Haya Vida is a Mexican telenovela.


The story revolves around culture shock between two disparate worlds: That of the rich and the powerful versus that of the ordinary, everyday folk (a world where opportunities are virtually non-existent). And in the middle of both worlds, the one thing that most people in both worlds desire, true love. The powerful that loses everything, except his dignity, and a woman that has almost everything, except money.

It is the story of Héctor Cervantes, the powerful owner of the most important construction and engineering group in Mexico, INMEX. Hector is a widower. A solitary man that can do just about anything at the snap of his fingers. He becomes a fortress after the suicide of his wife Graciela. Hector is a powerful man, but behind his empire there are many secrets that haunt him. And for someone so powerful, these secrets will come back to haunt him, as his closest allies are his worst enemies. His friends and family will turn on him leaving him broke and without knowing what happened, or why.

It is also the story of Maria Montero, an abandoned housewife and mother of three young daughters, Elisa, Georgina (Gina) and Emiliana. Maria lives alone with her three daughters in a multifamily condominium complex in Mexico City. She owns a small "fonda" and basically lives to survive. Elisa is an architecture student at the UNAM. Gina is the wild and rebellious middle child. Emiliana is the youngest of the three... she has been sick since she was very little due to a fever and needs constant medical attention.

The lives of Hector and Maria come together as Maria tries to save her small condominium from being destroyed by the biggest project being planned by INMEX at the location where the complex lies.


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