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Koçhisar Mosque in Kızıltepe
Koçhisar Mosque in Kızıltepe
Kızıltepe Qoser is located in Turkey
Kızıltepe Qoser
Coordinates: 37°11′38″N 40°35′10″E / 37.19389°N 40.58611°E / 37.19389; 40.58611Coordinates: 37°11′38″N 40°35′10″E / 37.19389°N 40.58611°E / 37.19389; 40.58611
 • Elected MayorNilufer Elik Yılmaz (HDP)
 • KaymakamHuseyn Cam
 • District1,416.37 km2 (546.86 sq mi)
498 m (1,634 ft)
 • Urban
 • District
 • District density160/km2 (420/sq mi)
Post code

Kızıltepe (Kurdish: Qoser‎,[3] Ottoman Turkish: Koçhisar‎ or Tell-Ermen (meaning "Armenian hill"),[4] Arabic: دنيصر‎) is a town in, and a district of Mardin Province of Turkey. As of 2014, the town had a population of 225,888.


In the local elections of March 2019 Nilüfer Elik Yılmaz was elected as Mayor.[5] But on 15 November 2019 she was dismissed and a trustee was appointed.[6] The current District Governor is Huseyn Cam, who also appointed as trustee.[6]


The town has a historic 13th century great Friday mosque built by the Artukids.

In the late 1980s there existed a refugee camp for Kurds who fled persecution by Saddam Hussein.[7]

It was also the scene of clashes between protesting Kurds and Turkish riot police in 2006.[8] In Kiziltepe have been imposed curfews in the past.[9]

Kızıltepe, with +48.8 °C (119.84 °F) on August 14, 1993, holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in Turkey.[10]


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