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Immediate Music, LLC
IndustryMusic industry
Founded1993; 27 years ago (1993)
  • Yoav Goren
  • Jeffrey Fayman
Key people
OwnerBMG Rights Management

Immediate Music, LLC (commonly referred to as simply Immediate) is an American production music company based in Santa Monica, California. Founded in 1993, it is best known for specializing in high-end trailer music for commercial motion pictures. The company's music has been featured in film trailers such as those for Avatar, Alien vs. Predator, Terminator Salvation, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, The Ring, The Matrix franchise, The Lord of the Rings franchise and the Harry Potter films.

In 2007, Immediate received an Emmy for "Outstanding Music Composition in a Sports Program" for their work on the 2006 Winter Olympics.[1] Immediate Music has its own band, Globus, that fuses cinematic orchestral music with contemporary and world music rhythms. In September 2017, BMG Production Music acquired Immediate Music.[2][3]


Immediate Music was founded in 1993 by Jeffrey Fayman and Yoav Goren with their first trailer track for Carlito's Way.[4] Originally starting out as making music for film trailers, in 2008 the company opened its libraries to the video game and advertising industries.[5]

The company is based in Santa Monica, California.[4] In addition to Immediate Music, they also operate 1 Revolution Music, a company founded in 2010 that specializes television soundtracks and trailers. Its record label, Imperativa Records that releases albums in the Epic Music genre to the public since 2006.


Immediate Music has released a number of albums that incorporate a wide range of genres, none of which however are commercially available to the general public. The most well known of these is the Themes for Orchestra and Choir series which currently has three multi-disk volumes. For the month of December 2010, Immediate Music made their TFOAC volumes 2 and 3 CDs available for purchase by the public.

In 2012, Imperativa Records announced the Immediate Music catalog CDs are available for purchase with autographs signed by composers Yoav Goren & Jeffrey Fayman. The CDs such as Epic Choral Action #1, Themes For Orchestra And Choir #2: Abbey Road, and Themes For Orchestra And Choir #3 are on a limited year-end promotional run.

Studio albums[edit]

Trailerhead (2008) (15 songs - 45 minutes 57 seconds)[edit]

  1. Prometheus Rising
  2. An Epic Edge
  3. Lacrimosa Dominae
  4. Serenata Immortale
  5. Imperitum
  6. Trial of the Archangel
  7. Prelude to Paradise
  8. The Reluctant Warrior
  9. Spiritus Omnia
  10. Fides En Lucius Dei
  11. Shield of Faith
  12. Onward to Freedom
  13. Empyrean mercenaries
  14. Generations
  15. Age of Discovery

Trailerhead: Saga (2010)[edit]

Trailerhead: Saga is Immediate's second studio album, released digitally on July 20, 2010.

  1. Hymnus Orbis – Based on "Hymn"
  2. Glory Seeker – Based on "Defcon"
  3. Libertas – Based on "Liberation"
  4. Invictus – Based on "Divide and Conquer" and "Black Parade"
  5. Oratio Sanctus – Based on "Holy" and "Madre Terra"
  6. Emergence Of Empire – Based on "Rising Empire"
  7. In League With Cerberus – Based on "Final Omen 2", "Monolith", and "Blasphemy 2.0"
  8. Darkness On The Edge Of Power – Based on "Dark side of Power"
  9. Ashes Of War – Based on "Love And War"
  10. World On A String – Based on "Global Crisis #1"
  11. Salvation For A Proud Nation – Based on "Proud Nation" and "Salvation"
  12. Fatum Plebis – Based on "O Destina"
  13. Darkness On The Edge Of Power (Live)
  14. Surrender To Hope – Based on "Believe"

Trailerhead: Triumph (2012)[edit]

Epic Olympic Dreams (2012)[edit]

Epic Olympic Dreams is Immediate's fourth studio album, released digitally on July 9, 2012. As of January 2017, is no longer available.

  1. Heroes Crusade
  2. For Honor, for Glory, Forever
  3. Glorious Victories
  4. On the Eve of the Games
  5. Let the Games Begin
  6. Pride on the Platform
  7. Union of Warriors
  8. World on a String
  9. The Brave and the Proud
  10. Spirit of the Ancients
  11. Salvation of a Proud Nation
  12. Triumphant Ceremony
  13. Victory for the Hometown Hero
  14. Surrender to Hope
  15. Legacy of Champions
  16. Voyage to the Games
  17. Onward to Freedom
  18. Quest for Gold
  19. Echoes of Greatness
  20. Dreams of my Country

The Demon Within (2013)[edit]

The Demon Within is Immediate's fifth studio album, released digitally on October 21, 2013. As of January 2017, is no longer available.

  1. Tormentor
  2. Witch Hunt
  3. Shadow Killer
  4. Infernalis
  5. Fatal Vision
  6. Possessed
  7. Sensing Human Prey
  8. The Demon Code
  9. Dead Ringer
  10. Curse Of The Oracle
  11. Fear
  12. The Gathering
  13. Unholy In Thee
  14. Countdown To Oblivion
  15. Find Your Way Out
  16. Prophets Of Doom
  17. Incubus
  18. Slash And Burn
  19. Why Is This Happening
  20. The World We Have Left
  21. Death Box
  22. In League With Cerberus

Trailerhead: Nu Epiq (2014)[edit]

Trailerhead: Nu Epiq is Immediate's sixth studio album, released digitally on May 27, 2014.

  1. Protectors Of Truth – Based on "Vindicator"
  2. From The Ashes We Will Rise – Based on "The Brave Shall Rise"
  3. This War Must End – Based on "We Made This War"
  4. Purple Heart - Based on "The Tomb"
  5. Wolf Moon Uprising – Based on "Wolf Moon 2012"
  6. A Life Extraordinary – Based on "How To Control The Dream" and "Eclipse"
  7. Saga Of The Immortals – Based on "Immortal Legends"
  8. Majestic – Based on "Kingmaker"
  9. The Unlikeliest Of Heroes - Based on "Unlikely Hero"
  10. Translucent
  11. Prologue To A Conquest – Based on "Counquest of Kingdoms"
  12. Night Of The Avenging Angels - Based on "Avenging Angel"
  13. Deliverance For All – Based on "End of a Dark Ages"
  14. One Destiny To Follow
  15. Dark Times Are Upon Us - Based on "These Are Dark Times"
  16. The Fate Of Our Brave – Based on "Fate Of The World"
  17. Falling Into Inertia
  18. This World Of Wonders – Based on "Voyage of Wonder"
  19. Virtue At All Costs

Futbol is Epic! (2016)[edit]

"Futbol is Epic" is Immediate Music's Seventh album released in 2016

  1. Milan, Milan!
  2. Alles Paris Saint-Germain
  3. You'll Never Walk Alone (feat. Matty McCloskey & Julien Jorgensen)
  4. Cant del Barca
  5. Stern des Sudens
  6. Glory, Glory, Man United
  7. Storia di un grande amore
  8. Tek Buyuk Galatasaray
  9. Hymne Olympique Lyonnais
  10. Arsenal, We're On You're Side
  11. Leuchte auf mein Stern Borussia
  12. Blue Is the Colour
  13. Vechernyaya Pesnya (Zenit)
  14. Gluck auf, def Steiger kommt
  15. !Hala Madrid! (Himno del Centenario)

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