Armed Forces Academy (Albania)

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Armed Forces Academy
Akademia e Forcave të Armatosura
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TypeMilitary Academy
EstablishedMay 10, 1958 (1958-05-10)
RectorRuzhdi Kuçi
StudentsOfficers of the Albanian Armed Forces

The Armed Forces Academy (AFA) (Albanian: Akademia e Forcave të Armatosura) is a military education institution which trains military officers (for the army, navy and air force) in Albania. The school was formed in 1945 as "Shkolla e Oficerëve" and closed in the early 1990s. It reopened in 1995 under the supervision of the Military Academy of Hannover, Germany.[1][2][3]


The Academy of the Armed Forces was established decision of the government on 10 May 1958, in the Rrapit i Treshit District of Tirana, initially with the name Military High School.[3] The school bore the conventional number of Military Department No. 2002.[3] The Council of Ministers, on October 28, 1961 decided that on the basis of the Military High School to establish the "Military Academy of the People's Republic of Albania" with a three year educational program accredited by the Ministry of Education.[3]

By a special decision of the Council of Ministers, on 5 January 1963, the Military Academy was renamed to the "Mehmet Shehu Military Academy",[3] honoring the 50th birthday of the then-Prime Minister Mehmet Shehu.[4] Years later, in December 1992, the institution was renamed the General Staff Academy.[3] The Academy was in 1994 renamed to the Defense Academy of Albania.[3] In 1998 the Defense Academy was accepted as a full member of the council of military academies of NATO.[3] In 2004, the Defense Academy was renamed the Spiro Moisiu Defense Academy. In early 2012, the Academy was renamed the Academy of the Armed Forces. It consisted of 2 Faculties:[3]

  • the Faculty of Security and Defense (remnants of the former Spiro Moisiu Defense Academy)
  • the Center for Foreign Languages and the Faculty of General Education (remnants of the former Skanderbeg Military Academy)


The leaders of this unique institution over the years have been:[3]

  • Major General Thoma Xhixho (1958-1961)
  • Major General Spiro Shalesi (1961-1964)
  • Major General Ernest Jakova (1964-1967)
  • Colonel Koli Mborja (1968-1970)
  • Lieutenant General Vaskë Gjino (1970-1974)
  • Colonel Mendu Tetova (1974-1975)
  • Major General Vehbi Hoxha (1975-1977)
  • Prof. Spiro Adhami (1977-1981)
  • Major General Kostaq Karoli (1982-1991)
  • Colonel Halim Abazi (1991-1993)
  • Brigadier General Ali Koçeku (1994-1997)
  • Major General Ruzhdi Gjatoja (1998-2000)
  • Colonel Flamur Skrapalliu (2000-2001)
  • Colonel Selim Shiroka (2001-2003)
  • Colonel Dhori Spirollari (2003-2005)
  • Rear Admiral Kudret Çela (2005-2008)
  • Colonel Nexhbedin Shehu (2009-2010)
  • Colonel Kristaq Xharo (May 2010-July 2011)
  • Colonel Perikli Koliçi (August 2011-September 2012)
  • Colonel Agim Sula (September 2012-September 2014)
  • Colonel Idriz Hazhiaj (October 2014-November 2015)
  • Colonel Ruzhdi Kuçi (January 2016-December 2017)

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