Playboy Logo (cropped).jpg
Editor-in-ChiefHugh Hefner
CategoriesMen's magazine
PublisherPlayboy Enterprises, Inc.
FounderHugh Hefner
Year founded1953
First issueDecember 1953
CountryUnited States
Based inChicago, Illinois
OCLC number3534353
Brazilian playmates, in 2009

Playboy was a monthly American men's magazine. It was founded by Hugh Hefner in Chicago, Illinois in 1953. Marilyn Monroe was the magazine's first cover model. The logo was created by Art Paul.

The magazine features articles about men's interests including politics, clothing, sports, consumer goods, men's health, public figures, and more. The magazine has always shown large pictures of nude women, except for one year in 2016–2017.[2]

In each issue, a provocatively posed "Playmate of the Month" was featured in a pictorial several pages in length at the center of the magazine with an accompanying "centerfold" photograph. Unlike traditional pin up art, Playboy humanized their models by describing their real world jobs, accomplishments, and goals.[3]

In 1963 Hefner was arrested for obscenity in Chicago after publishing nude photos of actress Jayne Mansfield on the set of Promises! Promises! He was acquitted at trial by a hung jury.

Starting with the March 2016 issue, the magazine no longer had pictures of nude women. According to the company, "times change."[4] Times changed again in February 2017 when nudity returned. In March 2020 the company announced that it would stop publishing the magazine on paper and only use digital copies instead.[5]

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