Unité de catalyse et de chimie du solide de Lille

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Unité de catalyse et de chimie du solide de Lille (Laboratory of Catalysis and Solid State Chemistry - UCCS) is a French research laboratory (UMR CNRS 8181) focused on process engineering and chemical engineering.

It is located in Lille, Lens and Béthune and is a part of COMUE Lille Nord de France. It is affiliated to the Institut des molécules et de la matière condensée de Lille (IMMCL-Chevreul). UCCS research teams support academic activities in the following sites of the COMUE Lille Nord de France :

It supports doctoral researches and hosts PhD doctoral candidates in relationship with the European Doctoral College Lille Nord de France.

Research area[edit]

Research area are focused on :

and are supported by large experimental installations in the research lab.

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