Transport Medal

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Transport Medal
Transport Medal - Obverse.jpgTransport Medal - Reverse.jpg
Obverse and reverse of medal
Awarded by United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
TypeCampaign medal
EligibilityMercantile Marine.
Awarded forCampaign service.
DescriptionSilver disk 36 mm wide
  • S.AFRICA 1899-1902
  • CHINA 1900
Total awarded1,719
Transport Medal BAR.svg
Ribbon: red with two blue stripes

The Transport Medal was a British campaign medal sanctioned on 8 November 1903[1] and awarded by the Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty. It was awarded to masters and officers[2] of merchant ships employed by the Transport Service to move troops to either South Africa during the South African War or to China during the Boxer Rebellion.[3][4] The officers of hospital ships used in the campaigns also qualified.[1]

It was intended that the medal would be awarded for future conflicts, but was not awarded again after the South Africa and China wars.[5]

The obverse of the medal bears the head of King Edward VII in Royal Navy uniform, with the inscription EDWARDVS VII REX IMPERATOR.[3]
The reverse depicts HMS Ophir beneath a map of the world with, below, the words in Latin OB PATRIAM MILITIBUS PER MARE TRANSVECTIS ADJUTAM which translates as for services rendered in transporting troops by sea.[3]


S.AFRICA 1899–1902
For services related to the South African War.[4]
CHINA 1900
For services related to the Boxer Rebellion.[4]

A total of 1,719 medals were awarded, 1,219 with the 'S. Africa 1899-1902' clasp, 322 with the 'China 1900' clasp and 178 with both clasps.[1][6]

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Notes and references[edit]

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