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Totonero 1986 or totonero bis was a scandal of football match fixing in Italy between 1984 and 1986 in Serie A, Serie B, Serie C1 and Serie C2.[1]

It was uncovered in May 1986 by Italian Police and Armando Carbone, a friend of Italo Allodi (manager of Napoli) and in this scandal, there were managers and football-players that sold the football-matches for money.

Club punishments[edit]

  • Udinese (Serie A); -9 in Serie A 1986–87 (relegated in Serie B in original punishment).
  • Cagliari (Serie B); -5 in Serie B 1986–87.
  • Lazio (Serie B); -9 in Serie B 1986–87 (relegated in Serie C1 in original punishment).
  • Lanerossi Vicenza (Serie B); exclusion from Serie A 1986–87.
  • Triestina (Serie B); -1 in Serie B 1985–86 and -4 in Serie B 1986–87.
  • Perugia (Serie B); relegated in Serie C2 and -2 in 1986–87 (relegated in Serie C2 and -5 in 1986–87 in original punishment).
  • Palermo (Serie B); -5 in Serie B 1986–87.
  • Foggia (Serie C1); -5 in Serie C1 1986–87 (relegated in Serie C2 in original punishment).
  • Cavese (Serie C1); relegated in Serie C2 and -5 in 1986–87.


Managers and coaches



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