1980 Totonero

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Totonero 1980 or Totonero was a match-fixing scandal in Italy in 1980 in Serie A and Serie B. It was uncovered on 23 March 1980 by the Guardia di Finanza, after the complaint of two Roman shopkeepers, Alvaro Trinca and Massimo Cruciani, who declared that some Italian football players sold football matches for money.

The participants in this scandal were Avellino, Bologna, Juventus, Lazio, A.C. Milan, Napoli, Perugia, Pescara (Serie A), Genoa, Lecce, Palermo, Pistoiese and Taranto (Serie B). Notably, Paolo Rossi was suspended for three years (reduced to two on appeal),[1] and upon his return helped Italy in their successful 1982 FIFA World Cup campaign.[2]

Club punishments[edit]

  • A.C. Milan (Serie A); relegated to Serie B.[3]
  • Lazio (Serie A); relegated to Serie B (10 million in original punishment).[3]
  • Avellino (Serie A); -5 in Serie A 1980–81.
  • Bologna (Serie A); -5 in Serie A 1980–81.
  • Perugia (Serie A); -5 in Serie A 1980–81.
  • Palermo (Serie B); -5 in Serie B 1980–81 (acquitted in original verdict).
  • Taranto (Serie B); -5 in Serie B 1980–81 (acquitted in original verdict).

The other clubs involved in the scandal, alongside their accused members, were acquitted.