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WikiZero - Timeline of the Syrian Civil War (January–April 2020)

Timeline of the Syrian Civil War (January–April 2020)

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The following is a timeline of the Syrian Civil War from January to April 2020. Information about aggregated casualty counts is found at Casualties of the Syrian Civil War.

January 2020[edit]


The Syrian government continued to launch major attacks on rebel groups in Northwestern Syria ("Greater Idlib"), with Russian air support. Continued operations have caused over 200,000 refugees to flee the area, with many fleeing to Turkey.[1][2]


On January 11, 2020, Russia announced that a ceasefire had been agreed to in the are of Idlib and Northwest Syria, between Russia, Syria, Syrian rebels and Turkey. This was due to requests by Turkey for a ceasefire, in order to stop the flood of Syrian refugees into Turkey.[3][4][5] However, some regional news outlets reported that Syria launched further attacks near Idlib, in Maarat al-Numan district and the villages of Maar Shoreen, Talmenes, and Maar Shamshah, even after the ceasefire had officially begun.[6]

Northeastern Syria[edit]

On 18 January, 2020, U.S. troops blocked a Russian convoy from entering Rmelan, where the U.S. is protecting oil fields under SDF control. Tension occurred between the two groups as U.S. soldiers asked the Russian soldiers to return to the Amuda district in northwest of Al-Hasakah Governorate.[7]

Diplomatic developments[edit]

UN Dispute[edit]

The UN Security Council is currently having a major dispute over the re-authorization for border-crossing points into Syria to deliver aid. The current authorization expires on January 10, 2020.[8] In December 2019, China and Russia vetoed the current proposal to renew all four existing crossing points, which are located in Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey; they wish to eliminate all crossing points except the ones in Turkey.[9] By January 2020, the dispute was ongoing.[8]

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