Snow 2: Brain Freeze

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Snow 2: Brain Freeze
Directed byMark Rosman
Produced byTom Cox
Murray Ord
Jordy Randall
Written byRich Burns
StarringTom Cavanagh
Ashley Williams
Patrick Fabian
Distributed byABC Family
Release date
  • December 14, 2008 (2008-12-14)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States

Snow 2: Brain Freeze is a television film starring Tom Cavanagh and Ashley Williams. It premiered on ABC Family in 2008 on their 25 Days of Christmas programming block. It is a sequel to the 2004 television film Snow.


Just before Christmas, Nick Snowden, the son of Santa Claus, has his hands full, so that all children can get their presents and celebrate the people of established traditions. This year he has Sandy aside, with whom he finally wanted to spend quiet holidays, but during the reindeer training he notes frighteningly that the reindeer have become too fat and cannot fly anymore. So he has to come up with something to get her in shape until the party. Indirectly he blames Sandy for taking the year over feeding. So one word gives the other and in the fight Nick decides to make an excursion with his magic mirror. He ends up in a garage and has such a hard landing that becomes unconscious and finally wakes up in a hospital. The bad thing is that he has now lost his memory and also does not remember that he is Santa Claus. Who should prepare the party now? Sandy learns of the misfortune that is reported on television about the man without memory. She desperately wants to travel to him, but does not know how to use the mirror. She seeks advice in Santa's book and learns from Galfired, the guardian of the book, that she must not confront Nick with the truth, because otherwise he could irretrievably forget everything. He just had to find his memories again. With this clue, Sandy sets off on her journey, but she no longer meets Nick in the clinic, because even his nemesis, Buck Seger, had seen the pictures in the news and unceremoniously decided to abduct Nicks in order to maintain his amnesia , With a ticket to Bolivia, he leaves at the train station and makes his way back out of the dust. Luckily, Nick falls asleep so he misses the train and meets Ryan, an orphan boy who seems to want to help. Because Ryan is a pickpocket and wants to take advantage of Nick for his purposes. In the escape from the police Nick gets into an old, vacant club. Here, the confused Henry Mays awaits him and tells him that this was once his club and he supposedly belonged to a secret society. He had been waiting for Nick for a long time, so that he should bring him back to his old days once again a really nice Christmas. Nick does not understand anything at first, but becomes curious.

Looking for Nick, Sandy suddenly discovers Buddy. Apparently the reindeer has followed her through the magic mirror. Now she hopes Buddy can help her find Nick. That succeeds, but Nick does not recognize Sandy. Nevertheless, they are now following together the mysterious clues of Henry Mays. To do this they must literally kidnap the old man from his family so he can help them organize the Christmas party for him at his old club. Ryan also helps to get a tree and decorate it festively. Secretly, however, he hopes to be able to pursue his passion as a pickpocket at the Christmas party. Henry is already in the process of getting the members of his ominous "caribou club" together, but contrary to expectations everyone is saying goodbye. So the four of them sit alone in a festively decorated hall.

Buck, having discovered the reindeer tracks in the snow, now manages to travel through a mirror to the North Pole. There he ends up in the stable of reindeer, but also finds quickly in the house and there the wish bag of Santa Claus. So he lets himself get this bundle of bills and is thrilled.

Meanwhile, it's almost Christmas Eve and Sandy tries by all means that Nick remembers. That's why she tells him in the end, how he got here after their fight. As proof, he should touch a mirror, but the magic no longer works and Nick leaves the room in resignation. As soon as he is gone, Buck comes through the mirror, grabs Sandy and kidnaps her. Henry and Ryan then try to find Nick and convince Sandy to bring back. This succeeds because when Nick once again touches the mirror after Ryan assures him that he only has to firmly believe in it, the portal opens. For a brief moment he sees pictures from his past and begins to remember. Together with Buddy he travels through the mirror to the North Pole to save not only Sandy but also Christmas Eve. Once there, he has to deal with Buck, who is in the process of harnessing the reindeer to disappear with his sack of money. With Buddy's help, he pushes Buck through the mirror, where he also lands in the garage and now loses his memory on impact.

Nick and Sandy return once again to Henry and Ryan, who are still waiting for the hoped-for mess in the club. And suddenly, Nick's parents pass through the mirror and explain that they too would celebrate their own Christmas here every year. Together, everyone attends their best Christmas and Henry offers to Ryan that he wants to take him to. Nick and Sandy must now spit to bring their gifts to the people. Even in the sleigh, Sandy Nick hands over her present and tells him about a little Santa suit, that they will have a child.


Secondary Cast:

  • Jonathan Holmes as Galfrid - the Claus' book-keeper
  • Alexander Conti as Ryan - a street thief, who turns into a believer and helps Nick out and becomes one of the Mays'
  • Hal Williams as Henry Mays - an elderly man who was close friends with Nick's parents

Other Cast:

  • Lynley Hall as Hip Hop Teacher
  • Janelle Cooper as Kaitlin Mays - the daughter of Henry
  • Viv Leacock as Gustavo - a relative of Henry, who was responsible for taking care of Henry
  • Chantal Perron as TV News Reporter
  • Irene Karas as Nurse
  • Patrick Richards as Drunk Guy
  • Wally Houn as the hospital Janitor that Sandy bumped into
  • Ron Barge as Old Man
  • Brian Martell as Business Man

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