Provinces of Saudi Arabia

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Emirates of the States of Saudi Arabia
إمارات مناطق المملكة العربية السعودية
LocationKingdom of Saudi Arabia
Populations320,524 (Northern Borders) – 6,915,006 (Makkah)
Areas9,920 km2 (3,831 sq mi) (Al-Bahah) – 672,520 km2 (259,662 sq mi) (Eastern Province)

The States of Saudi Arabia, also known as Regions , and officially the Emirates of the States of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Arabic: إمارات مناطق المملكة العربية السعودية‎, romanizedImārātu Manāṭiq al-Mamlakat il-'Arabiyyat il-Sa'udiyyah), are the 13 first-level administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[1][2][3]


After the unification of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom was divided into seven administrative-territorial entities: the 'Asir Province, Al Hasa' Province, the Hejaz Province, the Najd Province, the Rub' al-Khali Province and the Shammar Province.[1]

King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud issued Royal Order A/92 on March 2, 1992, known as the Regions' System, which provided for the division of the kingdom into 13 emirates. Subsequently, the five previous provinces were divided into thirteen geographic regions, called provinces (manātiq) and administrative regions, called the emirates of the provinces. (imārāt al-manātiq). The emirates form the first-level administrative division of the Organization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are further divided into 136 governorates, which are the second-level division.[3]


Each emirate is governed by an Emir (Provincial Governor), who is assisted by the deputy emir, called nā'ib. The persons holding these positions are appointed by the King of Saudi Arabia. The emir is given the rank of minister, while the deputy emir is given the rank of excellence.[3]

List of the Emirates of the States of Saudi Arabia[edit]

Emirates of the States of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Historic Region Emirate Image Capital Governorates Marakiz Population

(2017 Census)

Approximate area (km2)
Hejaz Mecca Region Makkah in Saudi Arabia.svg Makkah 16 111 8,557,766 153,128
Najd Riyadh Region Ar Riyad in Saudi Arabia.svg Riyadh 21 453 8,216,284 404,240
Eastern Arabia Eastern Province Ash Sharqiyah in Saudi Arabia.svg Dammam 11 107 4,900,325 672,522
Southern Arabia 'Asir Region Asir in Saudi Arabia.svg Abha 16 101 2,211,875 76,693
Southern Arabia Jizan Region Jizan in Saudi Arabia.svg Jazan 16 31 1,567,547 11,671
Hejaz Medina Region Al Madinah in Saudi Arabia.svg Madinah 8 90 1,423,935 151,990
Najd Qasim Region Al Qasim in Saudi Arabia.svg Buraidah 12 153 1,423,935 58,046
Hejaz Tabuk Region Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.svg Tabuk 6 73 910,030 146,072
Najd Ha'il Region Ha'il in Saudi Arabia.svg Ha'il 8 84 699,774 103,887
Southern Arabia Najran Region Najran in Saudi Arabia.svg Najran 7 59 582,243 149,511
Badiah Al Jawf Region Al Jawf in Saudi Arabia.svg Sakaka 3 33 508,475 100,212
Hijaz Al Bahah Region Al Bahah in Saudi Arabia.svg Al-Baha 9 35 476,172 9,921
Badiah Northern Borders Region Al Ḥudud ash Shamaliyah in Saudi Arabia.svg 'Ar'ar 3 17 365,231 111,797
Total 136 1,347 31,843,592 2,149,690

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