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Prima (magazine)

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Editor-in-chiefGwendoline Michaelis
CategoriesWomen's magazine
General interest magazine
Circulation307,012 (2014)
PublisherPrisma Press
FounderAxel Ganz
Year founded1982
First issue1 October 1982; 37 years ago (1982-10-01)
CompanyPrisma Press
Based inParis

Prima is a monthly women's magazine published in Paris, France. The magazine has editions in Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

History and profile[edit]

Prima was established in October 1982.[1][2] It is the brainchild of Axel Ganz.[3] The magazine is part of Prisma Press, a subsidiary of the German media company Gruner + Jahr.[1][4][5] It is published by Prisma Press on a monthly basis.[1][6] The company also owns other magazines, including Femme Actuelle and VSD.[2]

Prima has its headquarters in Paris,[7] and features articles about everyday living[7] and fashion, beauty, decor and cuisine.[2] Gwendoline Michaelis is the editor-in-chief of the magazine which adopted a new motto, rejoignez la communauté des créatrices" (meaning Join the community of creative women in English) in June 2012.[8]

The magazine was also launched in Spain and Germany.[1][9] It was also started in the United Kingdom in September 1986.[10][11] The British edition was sold in 2000 to Nat Mags and is published monthly.[12][13]


In 1991 Prima had a circulation of 1,211,000 copies.[1] Its British edition is the first monthly magazine in the United Kingdom of which circulation rose to more than one million copies.[10] In 1999 Prima was one of ten best-selling magazines in France with a circulation of 1,030,000 copies.[14]

During the period of 2003-2004 Prima sold 692,633 copies in France.[15] Its circulation was 686,000 copies in France in 2005.[16] In 2007 the circulation of Prima was 529,000 copies in France and 290,000 copies in the United Kingdom.[17] The magazine had a circulation of 477,389 copies in France and 289,058 copies in the United Kingdom in 2010.[18] The circulation of the British edition was 260,550 copies during the first six months of 2012.[19] Its circulation was 307,012 copies in France in 2014.[20]


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