People's Party (Syria)

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People's Party
حزب الشعب
FoundedAugust 1948 (1948-08)
Dissolved1963 (1963)
Split fromNational Bloc
National liberalism
Liberal nationalism
Pro-Hashemite dynasty
Political positionCentre-right

The People's Party (Arabic: حزب الشعبḤizb Al-Sha'ab; French: Parti du peuple) was a Syrian political party that dominated Syrian politics during the 1950s and the early 1960s. The party was officially founded in August 1948 by Rushdi al-Kikhiya, Nazem al-Qudsi and Mustafa bey Barmada.[5] It saw its greatest levels of support among Aleppo merchants, bankers and those in agriculture in surrounding areas. It supported closer ties with Hashemite-ruled Iraq and Jordan, although some members also supported closer ties with Lebanon. Similar to its rival, the National Party, it was also popular among landowners and landlords.

In recent years there have been discussions about reviving the party in some form following the liberalization of requirements for membership in the National Progressive Front, but this has not materialized.[6]


Leader Tenure Position(s)
Rushdi Al-Kikhya.jpg Rushdi al-Kikhya 1949–1951 Speaker of the People's Council of Syria
Hashim Al Atassi.jpg Hashim al-Atassi 1940–1955 President of Syria
Nazim al-Kudsi.jpg Nazim al-Kudsi 1961–1963 President of Syria
Maarouf al-Dawalibi 1961–1962 Prime Minister of Syria
Rashad Barmada.jpg Rashad Barmada 1954–1962 Minister of Defense
Abd al-Wahab Hawmad, 1957.jpg Abd al-Wahhab Hawmad 1954–1956 Minister of Finance


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