November 2019 Kabul bombing

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November 2019 Kabul bombing
Part of War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
November 2019 Kabul bombing is located in Kabul
November 2019 Kabul bombing (Kabul)
November 2019 Kabul bombing is located in Afghanistan
November 2019 Kabul bombing (Afghanistan)
LocationKhair Khana area, Kabul, Afghanistan
Date13 November 2019 (2019-11-13)
TargetEmployees of GardaWorld
WeaponsSuicide car bombing
Deaths12 (+1 attacker)

A suicide car bomb exploded in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the morning of 13 November 2019. It killed 13 people, including the attacker, and injured another 20.[1]


The year of 2019 has been the most violent year for the city of Kabul, with multiple bombings in the city. The most deadly being on 1 July and 17 August. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the first and the Islamic State for the second.[2][3]


On 13 November, a vehicle filled with explosives detonated during morning rush hour, targeting a convoy of private Canadian security company GardaWorld. 13 people, including the attacker and three children, were killed. 20 others, including four foreign nationals (which has not been confirmed yet), were injured.[4][5]


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