National Covenant Party

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National Covenant Party
Haraka al-'ahd al-waTani
حركة العهد الوطني
Secretary GeneralGhassan Othman[1]
Split fromArab Socialist Movement
IdeologyArab nationalism[1]
Arab socialism[1]
Islamic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationNational Progressive Front (Syria)
People's Council
2 / 250
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The National Covenant Party (Arabic: حركة العهد الوطني‎ - Haraka al-'ahd al-waTani) is a nationalist political party in Syria. It is part of the National Progressive Front of parties which support the orientation of the ruling Ba'ath Party.

The party was originally licensed as the Arab Socialist Party in 1951, Syrian political activist, Akram Hourani, was the party's Secretary General. The party was a founding member of the National Progressive Front in 1972. In 2004 the party changed its name to the National Covenant Party.

The party believes in Arab nationalism, the objective of the party is to promote Syrian national unity and social peace on democratic foundations based on political, economic and social pluralism and participation of all in decision-making.[2]

Parliamentary elections[edit]

People's Council of Syria
Election Seats +/–
3 / 250
3 / 250
1 / 250
2 / 250


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