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Directed byDaniel Petrie
Produced by
Written byJohn Peacock
Music byRon Grainer
CinematographyJack Hildyard
Edited byJohn Trumper
Distributed by
Release date
  • March 9, 1974 (1974-03-09) (US)
Running time
89 minutes[1]

Mousey (released as Cat and Mouse in theaters and on UK television)[2] is a 1974 Canadian thriller action drama film directed by Daniel Petrie,[3] and starring Kirk Douglas, Jean Seberg and John Vernon.[4]

Although made for television, it was released theatrically outside of the U.S. In London, it was shown as part of a double feature with Craze.[5][6]


In Halifax, Novia Scotia, biology teacher George Anderson (Douglas) earns the nickname "Mousey" from his students when he is unable to dissect a frog. However, when he learns that the child that his pregnant wife (Seberg) is expecting is not his, he follows her to Montreal, where he plans to kill her and her lover.[7][8][1]



Mousey was filmed on location in Montreal, Canada and at Pinewood Studios in England. Filming commenced in November 1973.[6]


The film received mixed reviews. Steven H. Scheuer was negative, saying that, "It's complicated and not very interesting;"[9] and the Los Angeles Times wrote that "Mousey seems to have been doomed from the start."[8] Leonard Maltin, however, reviewed it positively, calling it "tightly made" and praising Douglas as "wonderfully sinister,"[10] and Amis du film called it "a good 'suspense' film," although noting a lack of originality in its plot.[11] Monthly Film Bulletin called it "a thriller with some pretensions to psychological depth."[1]


Mousey has since been re-shown on television and released on VHS, resulting in blogs noting the film's rising cult status.[12][13]


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