List of Serie D champions and promotions

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Serie D was established in 1948. Only in 32 of its 70 editions, however, provided for a final phase to award a national category title: this took place between 1952 and 1957 with the Scudetto IV Serie, in the year 1957–58 with the title of Lega Interregionale, from 1992–99 with the Scudetto Dilettanti, and since 1999 with the current Serie D. The record of victories of the category championship is held by Siena, winning twice in 1955–56 and 2014–15.


Scudetto IV Serie[edit]

Campionato Interregionale[edit]

Scudetto Dilettanti[edit]

Serie D[edit]



  1. ^ a b Successively not admitted to Serie C2.
  2. ^ Due to enlargement of Serie C.