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Link Campus University
Link Campus University Headquarters in Rome
Former names
Link Campus - University of Malta
PresidentVincenzo Scotti
RectorClaudio Roveda
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Link Campus University (Italian: Università degli studi Link Campus University), formerly Link Campus—University of Malta, is a proprietary, for-profit university located in Rome, Italy, and owned by the for-profit Italian franchise chain CEPU.[1] The university is associated with Italian intelligence agencies.[2][3]

History and accreditation[edit]

The university was founded in 1999 by former Italian politician Vincenzo Scotti. It opened in Italy as a branch of a Maltese university.[4] It was the first foreign university authorized to operate in Italy.[5] On 4 July 2007, the Minister of Education issued the decree following the Lisbon Convention of 1997 and the laws and acts of the Italian Government which recognize and approve of the degree requirements of the Link Campus.[6] 21 September 2011, the institution has also been part of the Italian university system,[7] losing its connection with Malta.


The school offers the following undergraduate and graduate degrees:[8]

Corso di laurea Tipo di laurea Classe di laurea
Economia aziendale internazionale triennale L-18
Scienze della politica e dei rapporti internazionali triennale interclasse L-16/L-36
Comunicazione e DAMS triennale interclasse L-3/L-20
Tecnologie e linguaggi della comunicazione magistrale LM-59
Gestione aziendale magistrale LM-77
Studi strategici e scienze diplomatiche magistrale interclasse LM-52/LM-62
Giurisprudenza ciclo unico LMG-01

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