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Levius (manga)

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GenreSteampunk, boxing
Written byHaruhisa Nakata
Published byShogakukan
Shueisha (reprint)
English publisher
MagazineMonthly Ikki
Original runFebruary 2013November 2014
Volumes3 (original)
2 (reprint)
Written byHaruhisa Nakata
Published byShueisha
English publisher
MagazineUltra Jump
Original runMay 2015 – present
Original net animation
Directed byKeisuke Ide
Produced byHiroyuki Seshita
Written byKenta Inohara, Koji Seko
Music byYugo Kanno
StudioPolygon Pictures
Licensed byNetflix
Released November 28, 2019 – present
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
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Levius (レビウス, Rebiusu) is a Japanese manga series by Haruhisa Nakata. The manga began appearing in Monthly Ikki's Ikki Comix section in February 2013, and continued to be published until November 2014, when Ultra Jump acquired the rights to the manga and decided to end publication after Monthly Ikki ceased publication two months earlier.[1] A successor manga, Levius/est (Japanese: レビウス エスト), began to be published by Ultra Jump in May 2015 and continues in publication.[2] The manga and its successor are licensed in North America by Viz Media.[3]

An original net animation (ONA) anime adaptation, produced by Polygon Pictures began airing on Netflix on November 28, 2019; the first season of the adaptation consisted of 12 episodes.[4][5]


In the 19th century, Imperial City is heavily damaged in a war. A new sport known as "Metalboxing" (which combines the elements of boxing with robotic elements) is developed five years later. Levius Cromwell, who lost his father during the war, begins to emerge as a young fighter and begins training under his uncle Zacks Cromwell after losing his consciousness. Levius works up the boxing ranks until he finally reaches his goal, which is an opportunity to challenge for the promotion to Grade I, which is the highest rank any boxer could achieve. Levius was required to defeat Hugo Stratus to achieve that rank, but Hugo was unexpectedly defeated by a mysterious boxer named A.J. Langdon. The dignity of human beings and the future of Imperial City are in the hands of an ongoing battle between Levius and his opponents.


Main characters[edit]

Levius Cromwell (レビウス ・クロムウェル, Rebiusu Kuromuueru)
Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki[6] (Japanese); Zack Aguilar[7] (English)
The main protagonist of the series, Levius is a young boxer who is notable in the sport of "Metalboxing". He deeply cares about the whereabouts of his mother, who fell unconscious during the war. He was required to amputate his right arm (which was replaced with a robotic arm) before the events of the manga due to corrosion after being attacked by an automated object.
Zacks Cromwell (ザクス ・クロムウェル, Zakusu Kuromuueru)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe (Japanese); Sean Burgos (English)
Zacks is Levius' uncle; he suffers from congenital tetrachromatic abnormality in his left eye, requiring him to wear an eyepatch over it. He also acts as Levius' trainer due to his previous experience as a regular boxer.
Natalia Garnet (ナタリア・ ガーネット, Nataria Gānetto)
Voiced by: Ayane Sakura (Japanese); Julia McIlvaine (English)
Natalia is a Grade III boxer who trains at Zacks Gym. She offers some advice to Levius about his upcoming matches.
A.J. Langdon (A.J.ラングドン, Ei-Jei Rangudon)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami (Japanese); Christine Marie Cabanos (English)
A member of the Amethyst military corporation, A.J. is the youngest soldier who fought in the war. She was not expected to be Levius' opponent in his Grade II promotion match; however, she defeated Hugo Stratus in controversial fashion. After that match, she attacked Levius, which created a steam explosion that caused him to seek medical treatment.


No.TitleOriginal air date
1"All of the Impact Ends Up Here"
November 28, 2019
2"Does it Seem Like the Boy is Getting On Okay?"
November 28, 2019
3"How in the World Did That Thing Pass as an Elbow Guard?"
November 28, 2019
4"He... He's The Real Thing..."
November 28, 2019
5"Do I Look Like an Idiot Who Thinks about Losing Before a Fight?"
November 28, 2019
6"She Called Out for My Help"
November 28, 2019
7"We Met Before... Do You Remember?"
November 28, 2019
8"These Young Geniuses... Are Enough to Make You Sick..."
November 28, 2019
9"Can You Make the Deadline?"
November 28, 2019
10"It's Me Who Wants to Give You That Thrashing"
November 28, 2019
11"The Possibility of it Working is Infinitely Close to Zero!"
November 28, 2019
12"It's Finer Than Usual Today"
November 28, 2019


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