January 2014 Turkish attack in Syria

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Contradicting reports mention either a Turkish airstrike or an attack with Turkish ground artillery, on ISIL targets in northern Syria on Tuesday, 28 January 2014.

Alleged cause and alleged airstrike[edit]

After ISIL purportedly had fired on the Turkish Army along the Syrian border[1] or had attacked the Turkish border,[2] and had purportedly raided ethnic Turkish communities in northern Syria,[1] and had purportedly threatened to attack Turkey,[1] Turkish fighter-jets in retaliation on 28 January 2014 attacked and destroyed from an ISIL convoy in northern Syria a pickup, a truck and a bus,[2][1] according to the Turkish General Staff.[1] According to local sources, 11 ISIL fighters and 1 ISIL emir, Abu Ja’fr Dagestani, were killed in the attack.[3]

Contradicting reports[edit]

Contradicting earlier media reports however had said it was not a Turkish airstrike but fire from Turkish tanks and artillery, and that it wasn't retaliating for an attack on Turkey but for mortar shells fired in Syria during a clash between ISIL and the Free Syrian Army which accidentally had landed in Turkey.[4]

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