Italy at the World Games

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Italy at the World Games
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IOC code: ITA
World Games history

Italy has sent delegations to the World Games since the first games in 1981.

Medal Tables[edit]

Italy than to have won on three occasions the medal of the Games, he finished 4 more times on the podium and leads also to the all-time medals.[1]

  Leading in that sport
Japan Akita 20011011930
Colombia Cali 201318131849
Germany Duisburg 200513121641
Chinese Taipei Kaohsiung 200916121341
Germany Karlsruhe 198922141450
Netherlands L'Aia 19931419639
Finland Lahti 199712121539
United Kingdom Londra 198526292277
United States Santa Clara 19817111634
Poland Wroclaw 201714101034
Totals (10 games)152143139434

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