Supercoppa Italiana (women)

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Supercoppa Italiana
FICG Supercoppa Femminile (2020).png
Organising bodyFIGC
Founded1997; 26 years ago (1997)
RegionItaly Italy
Number of teams2 (1997-2019; 2022-)
4 (2020-2021)
Related competitions
Current championsRoma (1st title)
Most successful club(s)Torres
(7 titles)
Television broadcastersTIMvision
2022 Supercoppa Italiana

The Supercoppa Italiana (Italian pronunciation: [ˌsuperˈkɔppa itaˈljaːna]; English: Italian Women's Super Cup), also called Supercoppa Italiana Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane for national sponsorship with Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane,[1] is a national women's football cup competition in Italy played between the winner of the Serie A and the winner of the Coppa Italia.

Designed as an equivalent to the Supercoppa Italiana in men's football, the competition began in 1997 with the first game played by Modena Femminile and Aircago Agliana.[2]

Torres holds the record for most titles overall, having won seven times.[2] The current cup holders are Roma, who defeated Juventus in the final at Stadio Ennio Tardini on 5 November 2022, after penalty shoot-out.


The super cup was born in 1997 by initiative of the president of the women's division of LND, Natalina Ceraso Levati, a former soccer player;[3] the first edition were played in Stadio Belvedere between Modena Femminile and Aircago Agliana and saw the now disbanded team from Modena beat the opponent 3-1 and thus win the first Super Cup.[2]

The following two years the cup was conquered by A.C.F. Milan,[4] after them, from 2000 to 2013, Torres won the title seven times. These victories were interspersed with wins by other teams: CF Bardolino (2001, 2005, 2007, 2008), Foroni Verona (2002, 2003) and Fiammamonza (2006).

After Torres's dissolution, the tournament was won for four times in a row by Brescia. In 2018 the newborn team Fiorentina[5] won and in 2019 another newborn team, Juventus won the tournament.[6]

By the following edition a new format was adopted, with four participating teams and a final four with two semi-finals and a final on neutral venues.[7] This format was used only for two edition and in 2022 we returned to the previous format.[8]

Roma's squad winner of the 2022 edition.

In 2022, Roma became new super cup champions, ending Juventus's winning strike (three wins from 2019 to 2021).[9]


Year Serie A winners Result[10] Coppa Italia representatives Stadium Attendance
1997 Modena Femminile 4–1 Aircago Agliana Stadio Belvedere, Bardolino 200
1998 Modena Femminile 0–4 A.C.F. Milan Stadio Daniele Mariotti, Montecatini Terme 100
1999 A.C.F. Milan 0–4 Ruco Line Lazio Stadio Gino Manni, Colle di Val d'Elsa 200
2000 A.S.D. FC Sassari Torres Femminile 4–3 A.C.F. Milan Stadio Comunale, Santamonica 500
2001 Torres 2–3 Bardolino Stadio Centro d'Italia – Manlio Scopigno, Rieti 1500
2002 Enterprise Lazio 0–2 Foroni Verona Stadio Luigi Muzi, Orvieto 500
2003 Foroni Verona 6–1 Decimum Lazio Stadio Comunale, Montecatini Terme 400
2004 A.C.F. Milan[A 1] 0–5 Torres Stadio Mariotti, Alghero 1500
2005 Bardolino Verona 1–0 Torres Terra Sarda Centro Tecnico Federale, Coverciano -
2006 Fiammamonza 1–0 Bardolino Verona Stadio Comunale, Saint-Vincent 500
2007 Bardolino Verona 1–0 Torino Women Stadio Gino Alfonso Sada, Monza 2000
2008 Bardolino Verona 1–0 Torres Stadio Belvedere, Bardolino 1000
2009 Bardolino Verona 1–2 Torres Stadio Bacigalupo, Taormina -
2010 Torres 2–0 Reggiana Stadio Morandi, Umbertide -
2011 Torres 2–1 Graphistudio Tavagnacco Stadio Italo Nicoletti, Riccione -
2012 Torres 2–1 Brescia Stadio Romeo Galli, Imola -
2013 Torres 2–1 Graphistudio Tavagnacco Stadio Enrico Nanni, Bellaria – Igea Marina -
2014 Brescia 1–1 (a.e.t.) (4–3 p) Graphistudio Tavagnacco Stadio Gino Corsaro, Montecchio Maggiore -
2015 Bardolino Verona 0–0 (a.e.t.) (2–3 p) Brescia Stadio Ugo Lisetti, Castiglione delle Stiviere 2000
2016 Brescia 2–0 Bardolino Verona Stadio Rino Mercante, Bassano del Grappa 1500
2017 Fiorentina 1–4 Brescia Stadio Tullo Morgagni, Forlì 1200
2018 Juventus 0–1 Fiorentina Stadio Alberto Picco, La Spezia -
2019 Juventus 2–0 Fiorentina Stadio Dino Manuzzi, Cesena -
2020–21 Juventus 2–0 Fiorentina Stadio Comunale, Chiavari -
2021–22 Juventus 2–1 A.C. Milan Stadio Benito Stirpe, Frosinone -
2022 Juventus 1–1 (a.e.t.) (3–4 p) Roma Stadio Ennio Tardini, Parma 3500


  1. ^ The match should have pitted Foroni Verona, winner of the 2003-2004 Serie A, against Torres, winner of the 2003-2004 Italian Cup. However, a few weeks before the race, the Veronese club renounced its membership in the championship due to economic problems, also refusing to restart from a lower division and declaring bankruptcy. It was thus decided that A.C.F. Milan, third in the previous championship, would compete in the unusual edition of the Super Cup.


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