India General Service Medal (1909)

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India General Service Medal
India General Service Medal Obverse (1909).jpgIndia General Service Medal Reverse (1909).jpg
Obverse and reverse of medal
with Afghanistan NWF 1919 clasp.
Awarded by United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
TypeCampaign medal
EligibilityBritish and Indian forces.
Awarded forCampaign service.
Campaign(s)India 1908–35.
DescriptionSilver or bronze disk, 36mm diameter.
  • North West Frontier 1908
  • Abor 1911–12
  • Afghanistan NWF 1919
  • Mahsud 1919–20
  • Waziristan 1919–21
  • Malabar 1921–22
  • Waziristan 1921–24
  • Waziristan 1925
  • North West Frontier 1930–31
  • Burma 1930–32
  • Mohmand 1933
  • North West Frontier 1935
India General Service Medal 1909 BAR.svg
Ribbon: 32mm, green with broad blue central stripe.

The Indian General Service Medal (1909 IGSM) was a campaign medal approved on 1 January 1909,[1] for issue to officers and men of the British and Indian armies. From 1919 it was also awarded to officers and men of the Royal Air Force, with the Waziristan 1925 clasp awarded solely to the RAF.[1]


The 1909 IGSM was awarded for various minor military campaigns in India from 1908 to 1935. Each campaign was represented by a clasp on the ribbon; 12 were sanctioned.[2]


The medal is 36 millimetres (1.4 in) in diameter. It was struck at both the Calcutta and London mints, for Indian and British forces respectively.[3] For early campaigns it was awarded in silver to combatants and in bronze to native bearers and servants. From 1919 onwards all awards were in silver.[1]

The obverse shows the reigning monarch facing left with a suitable inscription. There are three versions:[3]

The reverse depicts Jamrud Fort at the Khyber Pass with the word ‘India’ below between a wreath of oak and olive branches.[4]

The ribbon, 1.25 inches (32 mm) wide, was green with a broad blue central stripe. From 1920, those mentioned in despatches in a campaign for which the medal was awarded could wear a bronze oakleaf on the medal ribbon.[1]

The name and details of the recipient were engraved or impressed on the edge of the medal.[1]

Waziristan 1925[edit]

The Medal with the Waziristan 1925 clasp was awarded to only 46 officers and 214 men of the Royal Air Force who took part in Pink's War. It is by far the rarest clasp given with an India General Service Medal and was only awarded after the then Chief of the Air Staff Sir John Salmond succeeded in overturning the War Office decision not to grant a medal for Pink's War.[5]

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