Hundseid's Cabinet

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Hunseid's Cabinet governed Norway from 14 March 1932 to 3 March 1933. The Farmers' Party cabinet was led by Prime Minister Jens Hundseid. It had the following composition:

Cabinet members[edit]

Portfolio Minister Period[1] Party
Prime Minister Jens Hundseid Agrarian
Minister of Foreign Affairs Birger Braadland Agrarian
Minister of Defence Vidkun Quisling Agrarian
Minister of Finance Jon Sundby Agrarian
Minister of Trade Ivar Kirkeby-Garstad Agrarian
Minister of Labour Rasmus Olsen Langeland Agrarian
Minister of Justice and the Police Asbjørn Lindboe Agrarian
Minister of Social Affairs Jakob Nilsson Vik Agrarian
Minister of Agriculture Jens Hundseid Agrarian
Minister of Church and Education Nils Trædal Agrarian


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  1. ^ Unless otherwise noted, the period was 14 March 1932 - 3 March 1933

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