Gilla Mo Dutu Úa Caiside

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Gilla Mo Dutu Úa Caiside (fl. 1147) was a Gaelic Irish poet.


Closely associated with Tighearnán Ua Ruairc, King of Bréifne, he was attached to the monastery of Daminis, and possibly to the church of Ard Brecáin, apparently been a cleric.

His two famous compositions are Éri óg inis na náem and the Banshenchas.

The Ó Caiside family later became – from the 14th century – prominent in Fermanagh, and many of them became hereditary doctors to the Maguire chieftains.

His known compositions are:

  • Éri óg inis na náem
  • The Banshenchas (Ádam óenathair na ndóene)
  • Eight poems in the lives of St. Mo Laisse and M'Áedóc
    • Ca lion mionn ag Maodhócc
    • Cert Maodhócc ar shluagh Mhancach
    • Comhroinn Maodhócc, fa mór modh
    • Eittirbretha Maodhócc min
    • Uasal an mac, mac Setna
    • Cia is fearr cairt ar dháil mláisi
    • Cia thairngir mlaisi ria theacht
    • Molaisi eolach na heagna
  • Cuibdea comanmann na rig
  • Sé rígh déag Eoghain anall


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