FC Steaua București

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FC Steaua București was a Romanian professional football club, of which two current clubs are claiming the records. The original FC Steaua București team was part of the namesake CSA Steaua București sports club and belonged to the Ministry of National Defence.

In 1998, the club and facilities were separated from the sports club and taken over by a group of shareholders in a post-Ceaușescu privatization scheme, allegedly leading to one of the shareholders acquiring full ownership five years later. However, CSA Steaua București sued the football club in 2011, claiming that this was a new entity; the two have since been in a legal conflict regarding the ownership of the Steaua brand and honours, which resulted in multiple court cases and the forced change of the name of FC Steaua București to FCSB in early 2017.[1][2] UEFA and LPF are attributing all of the original club history to FCSB. According to the newest court decision, CSA Steaua holds all honours up to 1998.[3]

The claimants to the club records are:


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