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The Entertainment Industry Foundation

The Entertainment Industry Foundation[1] (EIF), based in Los Angeles, United States, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization of the entertainment industry. EIF funds more than 300 charitable organizations annually, both in the Los Angeles area and throughout the United States. To date, EIF has pledged more than $1 billion for its philanthropic initiatives.[2]

EIF creates high-profile programs and events that address critical social issues, urgent needs, and raise significant funds for sustainable initiatives that can stimulate innovation and transform lives within the philanthropic space.

Due to its expansive network and the commitment of its supporters, individuals and corporations, EIF is able to champion a wide variety of worthy causes.


The Entertainment Industry Foundation (formerly Permanent Charities Committee founded by M. C. Levee) was established in 1942 by Samuel Goldwyn, with friends Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, and the Warner brothers.[3] Their vision was to unify Hollywood's philanthropy efforts in order to maximize the charitable dollars raised annually, and guarantee that worthy charities receive these contributions. They recognized that banding together would heighten the studios’ impact on World War II relief efforts. A “United Appeal” payroll deduction – a first for any U.S. industry – launched, with $1 million raised.

Celebrity involvement in President Roosevelt's awareness campaign to eradicate childhood polio, as well as fundraising that was a springboard for the establishment of the L.A. paramedic program, are hallmarks of the Foundation's early work.[4] EIF focused on some of the most pressing needs of its time: from the first grants directed to wartime agencies like the United Service Organizations and American Red Cross, to providing funding and creating awareness to help eradicate childhood polio.

EIF initiatives[edit]

The Entertainment Industry Foundation has initiatives to address many health concerns such as cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS, as well as raise awareness about important social and educational issues – especially those affecting children. It has developed programs that support charities in the Hunger and Nutrition spaces as well as quick response funding for Disaster Relief worldwide.[5]

Additionally, EIF functions as an umbrella organization and fiscal sponsor for many artists, athletes, and influencers who seek to use their platforms for social good. The Kevin Love Fund, Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, and Panic! At The Disco Highest Hopes Foundation are among the organizations launched under EIF's platform.[6]

Stand Up To Cancer[edit]

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a division of EIF and its largest initiative, was established in 2008 by film and media leaders who utilize the industry's resources to engage the public in supporting a new, collaborative model of cancer research, and to increase awareness about cancer prevention as well as progress being made in the fight against the disease.[7]


SU2C, marking its 10th anniversary in 2018, celebrated its best-ever fundraising telecast, bringing together over 70 broadcast and cable networks and the brightest stars in entertainment to generate funding for groundbreaking cancer research and help more people diagnosed with cancer become long-term survivors.[8]

Disaster Relief[edit]

EIF's ability to develop “roadblock” telecasts in support of disaster relief efforts is an integral part of its role within the entertainment industry. Efforts like Hope for Haiti Now, Somos una Voz, One Love Manchester, and EIF's Fire Relief Fund have provided catalytic funding for organizations and communities around the world when impacted by tragedy.[9]

Music for Relief (MFR), the Entertainment Industry Foundation's official crisis relief program, is dedicated to providing aid to survivors and communities affected by natural disasters to help them recover and rebuild. Founded by the band Linkin Park in response to the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the program aims to support immediate and long-term disaster relief with a primary goal of making a powerful and sustainable impact in highly affected areas.[10]

Music For Relief .png


Thinkitup is an initiative of the EIF to bring attention to improving education in the U.S. It kicked off in 2015 with a live televised fundraising event. The program featured stories of teachers and students working together as well as live musical performances, comedic sketches and more.[11] Together with, Thinkitup allows students and teachers to crowdfund projects they want to work on, helping prepare students for post-school life.[12]

EIF collaborated with the XQ Institute on its Super School Project to help communities reshape high school so it better prepares students for success. Launched in September 2017, “EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live,” a roadblock telecast, was held on Sept. 8, 2017, with live musical, comedy, and documentary segments that brought to life the past, present and future of the American high school system.[13]


Nicole Sexton has served as President and CEO since 2017. [14]

Board of Directors[edit]

The members include:


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