Eccellenza Sicily

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Eccellenza Sicily
Organising bodyLega Nazionale Dilettanti
Number of teams32
Promotion toSerie D
Relegation toPromozione Sicily
League cup(s)Coppa Italia Dilettanti
Current championsCanicattì (Group A)
Ragusa (Group B)
Most championshipsMarsala (4 titles)

Eccellenza Sicily (Italian: Eccellenza Sicilia) is the regional Eccellenza football division for clubs in Sicily, Italy. It is competed amongst 32 teams, in two different groups (A and B). The winners of the Groups are promoted to Serie D. The clubs who finish second also have the chance to gain promotion, they are entered into a national play-off which consists of two rounds.


Here are the past champions of the Sicilian Eccellenza, organised into their respective group.[1][2]

Group A[edit]

Group B[edit]

Current teams (2021–22)[edit]

Girone A[edit]

Club City Stadium 2020–21 season
Akragas Agrigento Esseneto Eccellenza A, 2nd
CUS Palermo Palermo CUS (University of Palermo sports centre) Eccellenza A, 8th
Canicattì Canicattì Comunale Saraceno (Ravanusa) Eccellenza A, 6th
Castellammare Castellammare del Golfo Giorgio Matranga Eccellenza A, 9th
Casteltermini Casteltermini Ferdinando Lombardo Eccellenza A
Dolce Onorio Marsala Marsala Antonino Lombardo Angotta Eccellenza A, 5th
as Dolce Onorio Folgore
Don Carlo Misilmeri Misilmeri Giovanni Aloisio Eccellenza A, 7th
Enna Enna Generale Gaeta Eccellenza B, 7th
Mazara Mazara del Vallo Nino Vaccara Eccellenza A, 4th
Mazarese Mazara del Vallo Nino Vaccara Promozione A, 1st
Monreale Monreale Santo Canale (Palermo) Eccellenza A
Oratorio Marineo Marineo Comunale (Belmonte Mezzagno) Eccellenza A, 9th
Nissa Caltanissetta Marco Tomaselli Eccellenza A, 3rd
Parmonval Mondello, Palermo Franco Lo Monaco Eccellenza A
Pro Favara Favara Giovanni Bruccoleri Eccellenza A
Unitas Sciacca Sciacca Luigi Riccardo Gurrera Eccellenza A

Girone B[edit]

Club City Stadium 2020–21 season
Acicatena Aci Catena Polivalente Eccellenza B, 13th
Aci Sant'Antonio Aci Sant'Antonio Comunale Eccellenza B, 4th
Atletico Catania Catania Comunale Monte Po Eccellenza B, 8th
Carlentini Carlentini Sebastiano Romano Eccellenza B, 9th
Città di Siracusa Syracuse Nicola De Simone Serie D/I, 17th
as Marina di Ragusa
Igea 1946 Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto Carlo D'Alcontres Eccellenza B, 3rd
Jonica Santa Teresa di Riva Comunale Eccellenza B, 6th
Nebros Acquedolci Comunale Fresina (Sant'Agata di Militello) Eccellenza B
as Acquedolci
Palazzolo Palazzolo Acreide Scrofani Sallustro Eccellenza B, 11th
Ragusa Ragusa Aldo Campo Eccellenza B, 5th
Real Siracusa Belvedere Syracuse Giorgio Di Bari Eccellenza B
Santa Croce Santa Croce Camerina John Fitzgerald Kennedy Eccellenza B
Leonzio Lentini Angelino Nobile Eccellenza B, 2nd
as Siracusa
Sporting Viagrande Viagrande Comunale Promozione C, 9th
Taormina Taormina Comunale Promozione C, 1st
Virtus Ispica Ispica Giuseppe Moltisanti Eccellenza B, 10th


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  3. ^ Cephaledium promoted instead, due to match fixing.[1] Panormus was later readmitted to the 2000–01 Serie D league in October 2000, following a decision by the Palermo TAR magistrature.
  4. ^ not admitted to Serie D due to financial irregularities

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