East Hama offensive (2017)

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Eastern Hama offensive (2017)
Part of the Syrian Civil War and the Russian military intervention in Syria
Date31 May – 18 June 2017
(2 weeks and 4 days)

Limited Army gains[2]

  • Offensive stalled
  • Syrian army capture 2 towns, 4 villages and a hilltop

Syria Syrian Arab Republic

Allied militias:
Emblem of Liwa Al-Quds.svg Liwa al-Quds
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Units involved

Syrian Armed Forces

Russian Armed Forces


  • Radwan Forces[15]
  • Syrian Hezbollah units
    • al-Ridha Forces[15]
    • al-Ghalibun[3]
    • Imam Mahdi Brigade[3]
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Military of ISIL

The Eastern Hama offensive (2017) was a military operation conducted by the Syrian Army against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) with the goal to secure the Ithriyah-Sheikh Hilal road, the government supply line towards Aleppo, and advance towards Wadi Auzain.[16]

The offensive[edit]

On 31 May, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, supported by the Russian Air Force, began an offensive towards the IS stronghold of Uqayribat,[17] in the eastern part of the Salamiyah District in Hama Governorate.[18] The next day, a new batch of government reinforcements arrived for the offensive.[19] Uqayribat had been used by ISIL as a launching pad for attacks on Salamiyah. On 3 June, Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out more than 30 air strikes ISIL positions. Heavy artillery and missiles were also used.[20]

During the morning of 5 June, the Syrian Arab Army, supported by the NDF, started an operation on a second axis against ISIL to the south of Sheikh Hilal. Before the ground attack, ISIL positions were hit by non-stop air strikes and artillery shelling.[21] The next day, the Army captured two towns south-east of Sheikh Hilal.[16]

On 12 June, the Syrian Army sent technicals, anti-aircraft guns and artillery pieces mounted on trucks to the area.[22] Four days later, government forces restarted the offensive, capturing the large hilltop of Tal Dabbart Debah and then shifting their attention to the Aqareb Dam.[23] During 18 June, the Army captured four villages north of Uqayribat, along the road between Ithriya and Al-Saan.[24][25] On 13 July, Desert Hawks alongside NDF and Liwa al-Quds secured villages of Um Tuwaynah, al-Hardaneh and al-Qatshiyah, south of Salamiyah-Ithriyah road, thus securing the supply line to Aleppo city.[26]


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