Daraa offensive (January 2015)

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Daraa offensive (January 2015)
Part of the Syrian Civil War
Shaykh Maskin Offensive (January 2015).svg
Map of the battle for Shaykh Maskin
Date24–31 January 2015
(1 week)

Rebel victory

Free Syrian Army[1]
Islamic Front[1]
al-Nusra Front[1]

Syrian Armed Forces

Iraqi Kata'ib Sayyid al-Shuhada[3][4]
Supported by:

Commanders and leaders
Col. Saber Safar[12]
Brig. Ibrahim Fahad Al Naimi[13]
(Southern Command commander)
Brig. Assad al Zubi[1]
Capt. Abdul Hakim Eid[14]
(Black Islam Brigade commander)
Maj. Gen. Nadeem Squir Ayman  [15][16]
(Brigade 82 commander)
Col. Mohammad Jaber[17]
(Suqur al-Sahara commander)
Units involved

Southern Front

Southern Command[13]
Two al-Nusra battalions[13]

5th Mechanized Division[18]

7th Mechanized Division

Suqur al-Sahara[17]
Hundreds[9] Unknown
Casualties and losses
77–97 killed
17+ killed[6][11]

The Daraa offensive (January 2015), was a rebel offensive launched in Daraa Governorate during the Syrian civil war, in an attempt to capture the remaining Army positions in Shaykh Maskin,[24] and thus secure the Daraa–Damascus highway,[25] and other positions in Daraa province.[26]

Rebel offensive[edit]

On 24 January 2015, the rebels announced three battles in Daraa Governorate:

  • "Fidak Ya Rasola Allah" or "Victory only comes from Allah"[24]
  • "Kick their Doors in"[26]
  • "Charge of the United"[26]

That day, 10 rebel fighters (including a field commander) were killed.[24] The next day, rebels breached Brigade 82 and captured its HQ, with fighting ongoing around the area.[26] According to the news agency Alaan, rebels also captured the radar base in the northwest of the town.[8] At least 40 fighters from both sides were killed in the clashes.[5] According to Al-Masdar News, 14 soldiers were killed before the Army retreated from Brigade 82.[6] The rebels declared the town of Shaykh Maskin as "liberated" soon after the Army retreated from the base.[8] According to Al-Arabiya news agency, rebels overran most of the town after they captured Brigade 82.[9]

On 29 January, rebels advanced near Al-Suhayliyyeh and Dilli, capturing farms adjacent to the northern part of Shaykh Maskin. However, according to Al-Masdar, the Army recaptured the Faroun Storage Facility and positions in Dilli after these initial gains. The same source also claimed that the Army repelled a rebel attack on Al-Atash village.[10] Two days later, the Army launched a counter-offensive on Brigade 82, claiming that it recaptured the Oxygen Plant and Niqta Al-Masarat and advanced to the base's northern entrance in its outskirts. However, the Army was forced to retreat from the north of the base "in order to regroup". Meanwhile, rebels advanced in Dilli village towards the centre.[11] On 31 January, an Al Jazeera film crew visited the Brigade 82 radar base in the northwest of Shaykh Maskin, confirming that the base was taken during the initial phase of the offensive.[7]

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