Cirrus intortus cloud

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Cirrus intortus
AbbreviationCi in
SymbolCH 1.png
GenusCirrus (curl of hair)
Varietyintortus (interlaced)
AltitudeAbove 5,000 m
(Above 16,500 ft)
Appearancetangled, interlaced[1]
Precipitation cloud?No

Cirrus intortus is a variety of cirrus cloud. The name cirrus intortus is derived from Latin, meaning "twisted, wound".[2] The variety of intortus clouds is specific to cirrus clouds, and they appear as interwound strands of cirrus clouds with a purely random pattern.[3] The filaments are often curved in a very irregular pattern.[4]

Like other cirrus clouds, cirrus intortus occur at high altitudes.[5]

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