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Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Pride Parade 2016 on Halsted St.
Chicago Pride Parade 2017
Chicago Pride Parade 2018
Chicago Pride Parade 2018 on Halsted St.
Chicago Pride Festival 2019

"Video coverage of the 2007 Chicago Gay Pride Parade."
The Chicago Pride Parade 2006, on Halsted Street at Brompton Avenue.
Rainbow flags decorate Lake View East in anticipation of the Chicago Pride Parade.
A Human Rights Campaign float moves past spectators.

The Chicago Pride Parade, also colloquially (and formerly) called the Chicago Gay Pride Parade or PRIDE Chicago, is the annual pride parade held on the last Sunday of June in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. It is considered the culmination of the larger Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, as promulgated by the Chicago City Council and Mayor of Chicago. Chicago's Pride Parade is one of the largest, by attendance, in the world. This event is taken place outside and celebrates Equal Rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. Also known as the celebration of LGBTQ Rights.


Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2018

The first parade was organized on Saturday, June 27, 1970, as a march[1] from Washington Square Park ("Bughouse Square") to the Water Tower, but then many of the participants spontaneously marched on to the Civic Center (now Richard J. Daley) Plaza.[2] For many years, the parade was held only in Lake View East, a neighborhood enclave of the Lakeview community area. Recent parades have expanded their outreach (and ability to handle crowds) by extending the route into the Uptown neighborhood, beginning at the corner of Broadway and Montrose. The parade then proceeds south on Broadway to Halsted, continues south on Halsted to Belmont, then east on Belmont to Broadway and finally south again on Broadway to Cannon Drive and Lincoln Park.

With the increasing political participation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans and the community's relatively high financial resources through political action groups and as individual donors, Illinois politicians have increased their presence at the Chicago Pride Parade. Both the Illinois Democratic and Republican parties have been heavily represented, most noticeably by former Governor Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat, and former Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, a Republican. Both had strong support from many gay and lesbian voters.

On June 28, 2009, more than 500,000 spectators watched the 40th Annual Chicago Pride Parade. Among the entries were several marching bands, dance troupes, twirlers, and many political figures. The 2010 parade featured an appearance from the Chicago Blackhawks' Brent Sopel and the Stanley Cup[3] as part of the Chicago Gay Hockey Association's float. Sopel appeared in the parade to honor Brendan Burke, the gay son of the Maple Leafs' GM Brian Burke. Due to Chicago being one of the largest cities with a massive sports community, some other special guests have attended the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago, those include David Kopay (NFL running back), Billy Bean (major league outfielder) and Greg Louganis (Olympic diver).A Month of Coming-Out Parties

The 2011 parade included 250 entries and was attended by over 800,000 spectators, almost double the previous year, causing massive overcrowding and resulted in a reorganization of the parade route for the 2012 parade. Starting in 2013 the Chicago Pride Parade has reached over one million people each year, and the number continues to grow.[4]

In October 2019, Richard Pfeiffer, director of the Parade since 1974, died.[5]

Pre Parade Celebration[edit]

This year marks the 19th Annual Pre Parade Celebration, also known as Chicago's two day long Pride Festival.[6] This years Chicago Pride Festival saw over 100,000 people, the festival is held on the Saturday and Sunday before the Pride Parade.[6] Each year there is a suggested ten dollar donation while entering the festival for LGBTQ fundraisers, events, etc. The festival is open rain or shine and each year it is held in Boystown, this year it was located on Halsted Street from Addison to Grace Street. The streets are blocked off from traffic so the celebration can take place throughout the streets all weekend long. The hours of the Pride festival are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday prior to the Pride Parade. Each year there are multiple different performers performing on the three main stages at the festival, some of this years performers included Betty Who, LeAnn Rimes, Pabllo Vittar, Alex Newell and Inaya Day.[6] The Pre Parade Celebration is just one of the many events held in Boystown in the month of June. Pride Month is an entire month long of LGBTQ celebrations, and Chicago Pride Fest is the perfect way to get the LGBTQ Community pre-hyped for the Annual Chicago Pride Parade.

Dates and Attendance[edit]

Chicago Pride Parade Details
Edition Date Attendance Ref(s).
1st June 28, 1970 150–200 [7]
2nd June 27, 1971 1,000 [7]
3rd June 25, 1972 1,000-1,500
4th June 24, 1973 1,000-2,000
5th June 30, 1974 2,000
6th June 29, 1975 2,000-3,000
7th June 27, 1976 3,000
8th June 26, 1977 3,000 [7]
9th June 25, 1978 10,000
10th June 24, 1979 10,000
11th June 29, 1980 10,000
12th June 28, 1981 20,000
13th June 27, 1982 30,000 [7]
14th June 26, 1983 30,000
15th June 24, 1984 30,000+
16th June 30, 1985 35,000
17th June 29, 1986 40,000
18th June 28, 1987 40,000+
19th June 26, 1988 50,000
20th June 25, 1989 60,000+ [8]
21st June 24, 1990 100,000 [7]
22nd June 30, 1991 100,000+
23rd June 28, 1992 115,000
24th June 27, 1993 140,000
25th June 5, 1994 160,000 [7]
26th June 25, 1995 175,000
27th June 30, 1996 150,000
28th June 29, 1997 200,000
29th June 28, 1998 200,000+
30th June 27, 1999 250,000
31st June 25, 2000 350,000
32nd June 24, 2001 350,000
33rd June 30, 2002 350,000
34th June 29, 2003 375,000 [9]
35th June 27, 2004 375,000 [10]
36th June 26, 2005 450,000 [11]
37th June 25, 2006 400,000 [12]
38th June 24, 2007 450,000 [13]
39th June 29, 2008 450,000 [14]
40th June 28, 2009 500,000
41st June 27, 2010 450,000 [15][16]
42nd June 26, 2011 750,000 [17]
43rd June 24, 2012 850,000 [18]
44th June 30, 2013 1,000,000 [19][20]
45th June 29, 2014 1,000,000+ [21]
46th June 28, 2015 1,000,000+ [22]
47th June 26, 2016 1,000,000+ [23]
48th June 25, 2017 1,000,000+ [24]
49th June 24, 2018 1,000,000+ [25][26]
50th June 30, 2019 1,000,000+ [27]


The Chicago Pride Parade is held on the last Sunday in June (except for in 1994), the weather for the Parade is usually warm and dry. Typically the weather is very good for a long outdoor event, such as the Annual Pride Parade. The average high temperature at O'Hare airport for the parade day since 1970 is 83 degrees, the average low is 61 degrees, and 22% of parade days have seen measurable precipitation. The warmest pride parade was 99 degrees in 1983 and the wettest pride parade was in 1978 when 0.92 inches of rain fell that day.June Daily Weather Records for Chicago Illinois Thus far the weather has been exceptional for the Pride Parade held on the last Sunday every year of June.

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