Bolivia TV

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Bolivia TV
LaunchedAugust 1969
Owned byEmpresa Nacional de Televisión de Bolivia, public company of the Bolivian government [1]
SloganBolivia TV comprometimos con lo nuestro (Bolivia TV Committed to what our
Broadcast areaBolivia
HeadquartersLa Paz, Bolivia
WebsiteTV Boliviana
Local VHF
Channel 7 (La Paz)

Televisión Boliviana (TV Bolivia) is the first television channel of Bolivia and serves the only means of television communication from the government. The channel was established in August 1969 under the government of Luis Adolfo Siles after years of planning by the government of then-recently deceased René Barrientos.[2] It's a state-owned broadcasting network.

TV Boliviana was the only nationwide TV channel until Paceña de Televisión was established on October 24, 1984.


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"Showcase" was a musical TV programme aired on Bolivia TV in 2010 with presenter Anthony Sandoval, later to become the established musician SEN.

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