Batum Oblast

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ბათუმის ობლასტი
Батумская область
Batum Oblast
Oblast of Russian Empire


Coat of arms of Batum Oblast

Coat of arms
Location of Batum Oblast
Capital Batum
 •  Treaty of San Stefano 20 September 1878
 •  Kutais Governorate 12 June 1883
 •  Kutais Governorate 17 March 1903
 •  Proclamation of PNGSC 1918
 •  1897 61,092 km2 (23,588 sq mi)
 •  1897 144,584 
Density 2.4 /km2  (6.1 /sq mi)

The Batum Oblast was an oblast (province) of the Caucasus Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire, with the maritime city of Batum as its center. It roughly corresponded to most of present-day southwestern Georgia. It was created out of the territories of the former Ottoman Sanjak of Batum (occupied by the Ottomans since the late 16th century).


As of 1897, the total population of the Batum and Artvin Okrugs, which would later form the Batum Oblast, was 144,584. Kartvelians, including primarily the Adjarians, then-mostly Muslim Georgian group, constituted 43.5% of the population. Turks constituted the second largest group at 30.8% and were mostly concentrated in the Artvin area (today the Artvin Province of Turkey due to the Treaty of Kars). Significant minorities included Armenians, Russians, and Caucasus Greeks.

Ethnic groups in 1897[1][edit]

TOTAL 144,584 100%
Kartvelians 63,012 43,5%
Turks 44,667 30,8%
Armenians 14,939 10,3%
Russians 7,532 5,2%
Greeks 4,717 3,2%

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Coordinates: 41°38′45″N 41°38′30″E / 41.6458°N 41.6417°E / 41.6458; 41.6417

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