Battle of Shawali Kowt

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Battle of Shawali Kowt
Part of the War in Afghanistan and the Afghan Civil War
DateDecember 3, 2001
Result Coalition victory
 United States
Northern Alliance
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Commanders and leaders
United States Jason Amerine Unknown
300 30-50[1]

The Battle of Shawali Kowt took place near the Arghandab River in Afghanistan during the Invasion of Afghanistan. On December 2, 2001, after a pitched street-by-street battle, the Green Berets and Afghan Freedom Fighters captured the town of Shawali Kowt,[2] but could not gain control over a bridge over the Arghandab River, a gateway to the Taliban spiritual center of Kandahar. That night, the Taliban forces launched a major counterattack, triggering a retreat by the Afghans. Over the next eight hours, the American forces defended against the retreat. U.S. Air Force Sergeant Alex Yoshimoto, the combat controller, orchestrated numerous air strikes from a variety of fighters and bombers, thwarting the Taliban charge and forcing the enemy to retreat.


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