Aurora (TV series)

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Aurora telenovela.jpg
Created byMarcela Citterio
Developed byTelemundo Studios
Directed byDavid Posada
Tony Rodriguez
Otto Rodriguez
StarringSara Maldonado
Eugenio Siller
Jorge Luis Pila
Vanessa Pose
Lisette Morelos
Aylín Mújica
Sonya Smith
Theme music composerMarco Flores
Opening theme"Aurora" by Eugenio Siller
Country of originUnited States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes135
Executive producerAurelio Valcárcel Carroll
Production locationsNew York City, Miami, Florida
EditorsRamiro Pardo
Hader Antivar Duque
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time42-45 minutes
Original networkTelemundo
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseNovember 1, 2010 (2010-11-01) –
May 20, 2011 (2011-05-20)
Preceded byEl Clon
Followed byMi corazón insiste en Lola Volcán

Aurora is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo. It starred Sara Maldonado, Eugenio Siller, and Jorge Luis Pila. As part of the 2010–11 season, Telemundo aired the series from November 1, 2010 to May 20, 2011 weeknights at 8pm/7pm central, replacing El Clon. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

Role Changes[edit]

The Main Female protagonists are Sara Maldonado and Lisette Morelos while the main male protagonist are Eugenio Siller and Jorge Luis Pila. The Main Female Antagonist in the telenovelas first episode is initially Vanessa Pose as Vanessa Miller however Aylin Mújica becomes an antagonist from the second episode onwards playing an older Vanessa Miller, Vanessa Pose then went on to play Victoria Houghton, Vanessa’s daughter. Monica Franco went on to play a bigger antagonist as well in the telenovela. Sara Maldonado left the production after 103 episodes for personal reasons and the plot line had to change Aylin Mujica’s character changed making her a Co-protagonist, Monica Franco’s character was removed also. Vanessa Pose left the telenovela but was asked however to come back and take Sara Maldonado’s place as a Main Female Protagonist she accepted and her character was cryogenically revived, Sonya Smith also came onto to replace Sara Maldonado as Angela Amenábar. Zuleyka Rivera went on to play the main female antagonist, while Melvin Cabrera the Main Male Antagonist. Due to Sara Maldonado’s departure and the change of storyline more actors were added include David Chocarro, Carolina Tejera, Zully Montero, Angelica Maria and Juan Pablo Llano


Set in New York City, the story begins in 1990 with a 20-year-old dancer named Aurora Ponce de León (Sara Maldonado). She attends New York School of the Arts with her two best friends, Natalia Suárez (Talina Duclaud) and Vanessa Miller (Vanessa Pose). One night after a dance rehearsal, they all go to a bar, where Aurora meets Lorenzo Lobos (Eugenio Siller), a dance instructor and single father. Aurora and Lorenzo fall madly in love. But Vanessa, who had always been jealous of Aurora, is infuriated by this because she is also in love with Lorenzo. She tries everything to separate them, going as far as inviting Lorenzo to Aurora's lavish twentieth birthday party (Lorenzo was unaware that Aurora was wealthy), where she makes sure he sees Federico (Ismael La Rosa) kiss Aurora. Lorenzo storms off, believing that he has been betrayed. Aurora runs after Lorenzo and declares her love for him, but it doesn't work and Lorenzo wants nothing more to do with Aurora.

Aurora returns home heartbroken and after an argument with her father, Gustavo (Braulio Castillo), she faints. Gustavo takes her to his cryogenic clinic to run tests. It is discovered that Aurora is pregnant with Lorenzo's baby. Her father refuses to tell Lorenzo about the pregnancy and sends her as far away from him as possible.

A few months pass and Aurora tries to run away and return to Lorenzo, but she falls and goes into labor. She gives birth to a girl, who she names Blanca. Aurora becomes very ill and on her deathbed, calls Lorenzo, and says to him with her dying breath, "I will always love you." Lorenzo hears a flat line and all the commotion, and Gustavo decides to freeze Aurora in a cryogenic capsule.

Aurora wakes up after 20 years, only to discover that Lorenzo (Jorge Luis Pila) is married to Natalia (Sandra Destenave). Blanca (Lisette Morelos) doesn't know that Aurora is her mother, because she was raised by her grandparents, who told her that her mother was her sister. Aurora plays along with it and keeps her real identity a secret. However, after Lorenzo's son Martin (Eugenio Siller) falls in love with Aurora, all the secrets starts coming out. Nothing remains the same as father and son share one love. But will the love of them last?



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Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated Result
Premios Tu Mundo[1][2][3]
The Best Bad Girl Aylín Mújica Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Jorge Luis Pila Nominated
Best Novela Soundtrack Aurora, by Eugenio Siller Nominated


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