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Audrey (owarai)

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Pseudonymex-name: Nice Middle
Native nameŌdorī (オードリー)
Years active2000 - Present
EmployerK Dash Stage

Same year/generation as:
Uji Koji
King Kong

Audrey (オードリー, Ōdorī), is a Japanese owarai comedy duo of Toshiaki Kasuga (春日 俊彰, Kasuga Toshiaki) as boke and Masayasu Wakabayashi (若林 正恭, Wakabayashi Masayasu) as tsukkomi, formed in 2000. The duo won 2nd place in the M-1 Grand Prix 2008 competition. As of February 2009, the duo belongs to the management company K Dash Stage Co., Ltd.


Formed under the name of Nice Middle (ナイスミドル, Naisu Midoru) in 2000, Kasuga initially was the tsukkomi ("straight man") and Wakabayashi the boke ("funny man"). After almost 6 years of unsuccessful activities, Wakabayashi was one day told by a TV playwright in person that his mate, Kasuga, is "junk" (ポンコツ, ponkotsu) as a tsukkomi, and that he had "better look for another mate". When Wakabayashi tried to explain to Kasuga what he had been told, Kasuga "thought he was just joking." Rejecting the idea but swapping their roles instead, they finally started to make first appearances on terrestrial TV broadcasts in 2008. On December 21, 2008, the two made it all the way to the final round of the M-1 Grand Prix of the year from the consolation. After the first session of the final, competed and broadcast live on the same day, they were temporarily in the top position ahead of the other eight duos, but ended up 2nd overall behind NON STYLE.

The manzai performed by Audrey is characterized by Kasuga's trying to shoot tsukkomi but each time turning out to be terribly off-the-line boke, interrupting Wakabayashi's talks with delayed responses and frequent gags. Wakabayashi, on the other hand, either reacts fast and hard with his tsukkomi in return, or sometimes just "ignores" him.

In 2009, they were on TV commercials for major global companies such as Toyota Motor, Nintendo and KFC.


Toshiaki Kasuga (春日 俊彰, Kasuga Toshiaki)
  • Date of Birth: February 9, 1979
  • 175 cm 88 kg B101 W83 H98 F28.5 cm
  • Birthplace: Tokorozawa, Saitama
  • Manzai Role: Boke
Masayasu Wakabayashi (若林 正恭, Wakabayashi Masayasu)
  • Date of Birth: September 20, 1978
  • 168 cm 60 kg B87 W75 H80 F26.5 cm
  • Birthplace: Chūō, Tokyo
  • Manzai Role: Tsukkomi
  • Writes the material for the unit




  • Hirunandesu! (ヒルナンデス!) -- Nippon Television (10/5/2011-) *Every Wednesday
  • Ikinari! Ougon Densetsu (いきなり! 黄金伝説。) -- TV Asahi (4/15/2010-) *Every Thursday
  • Campus Night Fuji (キャンパスナイト・フジ) -- Fuji Television/CX (4/10/2009-)
  • School Kakumei (スクール革命!) -- Nippon Television (4/5/2009-)
  • Merengue no Kimochi (メレンゲの気持ち) -- Nippon Television (4/25/2009-) *Every three weeks
  • Zenbu uso (ぜんぶウソ) -- Nippon Television (10/3/2009-)
  • Morita Kazuyoshi Hour Waratte Iitomo! (森田一義アワー笑っていいとも!) -- Fuji Television (10/9/2009-) *Every Friday
  • Hiragana Oshi (ひらがな推し) →Hinatazaka de Aimashō(日向坂で会いましょう)-- TV Tokyo (08/4/2018-)


  • Kaito Shinobi-na (快盗!!シノビーナ) -- TV Asahi (1/17/2009-)
  • Quiz Presen Variety Q-sama!! (クイズプレゼンバラエティ Qさま!!) -- TV Asahi


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  • Tokyo Isshukan
  • TV Pia


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  • The Asahi Shimbun, January 25, 2009

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