American Urban Radio Networks

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American Urban Radio Networks
American Urban Radio Networks logo.png
OwnerAccess.1 Communications
Launch date1991 (1991)
ReplacedNational Black Network, Sheridan Broadcasting Networks

The American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) was created in October 1991 as the result of a merger between New York-based National Black Network, founded by Unity Broadcasting in 1973, and Sheridan Broadcasting Networks, founded by Pittsburgh-based Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation. AURN provides programming to primarily African-American targeted radio stations. AURN is the only African-American controlled radio and digital network company in the United States, broadcasting 200 weekly news, entertainment, sports, and information programs to more than 300 radio stations nationwide. American Urban Radio Networks reach an estimated 25 million listeners each week.

AURN has offices and bureaus in New York, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, and is the only African-American broadcaster with a bureau in the White House. In May 2016, NBN parent company Access.1 Communications Corporation took over 100% ownership of American Urban Radio Networks.


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