Abu Khattab al-Tunisi

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Abu Khattab al-Tunisi
Died10 June 2017[2]
Raqqa, Syria
Allegiance Islamic State
Service/branchMilitary of ISIL
Years of service?–2017
RankThird-highest ranking ISIL commander[3]
Battles/warsSyrian Civil War

Abu Khattab al-Tunisi (died 10 June 2017)[2] was a Tunisian jihadist and military leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,[1] who had risen to the group's third-highest ranking commander by 2017.[3] In that year, he was put in charge of the military operations in eastern Raqqa, ISIL's proclaimed capital, which was attacked by the Syrian Democratic Forces on 6 June 2017. Just four days after the battle's beginning, Abu Khattab was killed at the frontlines in the Roman suburb, alongside 12 other ISIL militants, during a shootout with SDF fighters.[4] His death was considered to be "a new blow to the ISIS terror group".[1]


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