A.C. Ponte San Pietro

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Ponte San Pietro
Pontisola logo.png
Full nameAssociazione Calcio Ponte San Pietro Sportiva Dilettantistica
2007 (refounded)
GroundStadio Matteo Legler,
Ponte San Pietro, Italy
ChairmanOrnello Arioldi
ManagerGiacomo Curioni
LeagueSerie D/B
2017–18Serie D/B, 3rd

Associazione Calcio Ponte San Pietro Società Sportiva Dilettantistica (usually referred to as Ponte San Pietro) is an Italian association football club located in Ponte San Pietro and also representing the towns of Terno d'Isola and Chignolo d'Isola, Lombardy. The club currently plays in Serie D.


Pontisola was founded in 1910 in the town of Ponte San Pietro as Società Sportiva Vita Nota and changed its denomination to Unione Sportiva Ponte San Pietro in 1950. The side spent the 1947–48 season in Serie B.

In 2007 the club, after the merger with F.C. Isola (representing the nearby towns of Terno d'Isola and Chignolo d'Isola), was renamed Unione Sportiva Ponte San Pietro Isola and later to the current one.

Colors and badge[edit]

Its colors are blue and white.


  • Regional Coppa Italia Lombardy:
    • Winner (1): 2006–07