2014 raid on Idlib city

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2014 raid on Idlib city
Part of the Syrian Civil War
Date27 October 2014[1]

Syrian Army Victory[5]


al-Nusra Front[1]
Jund al-Aqsa[2]
 Islamic State
Supported by:

Sleeper cells within the city[4]

Syria Syrian Arab Republic

Commanders and leaders
Abu Waleed al-Libi 
(local Nusra leader)
Mohamed Khair al-Sayyed
(Governor of Idlib)
Hundreds Unknown
Casualties and losses
35–70 killed[4][7] 21 killed[7]
70 captured & executed (rebel claim)
4 civilians killed[4]

The 2014 raid on Idlib city refers to a military operation in the Idlib Governorate, during the Syrian Civil War, conducted by mainly Salafi jihadists backed by Islamist rebels against the Syrian Government.

Rebel attack[edit]

Rebels from the al-Nusra Front launched an attack on Idlib city and al-Mastouma overnight in order to cut off the city from the south.[1] During this attack, suicide cars were detonated at four Army checkpoints surrounding the city, killing "dozens" of soldiers,[8] while rebels captured Tell al-Mastouma.[6] The Army later recaptured the hill.[7] According to the SOHR, 10 soldiers and nine rebels were killed on the hill.[9] The rebels also managed to infiltrate the city and seized the governor mansion and the police headquarters with help from members of the local police and people’s committees.[4] They took advantage of a power cut before dawn according to the Idlib police chief.[10] These buildings were recaptured by pro-government forces later that day after the rebels pulled out of the city.[1] According to an opposition activist in the city, the rebels continue to hold the surrounding checkpoints that they took in morning.[10]

According to the SOHR, at least 20 pro-government fighters, 15 rebels and four civilians were killed during the operation, while Al-Masdar placed the death toll at 21 government fighters (17 NDF and 4 Army) and 70 rebel fighters.[7] Casualties among insurgents include a Jund al-Aqsa sleeper cell, which was discovered after the military intercepted rebel radio communications,[7] and local rebel commanders.[4] Al-Nusra Front claimed that it also had cut off the city, captured 12 soldiers and seized two tanks during the operation.[1]


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