2011 Hakkâri attack

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2011 Hakkari attacks
Part of PKK-Turkish Armed Forces conflict
PKK terrorist incidents-Çukurca Gendarmerie.jpg
Location of Çukurca attack
Date19 October 2011 PKK attack 20–24 October TSK operation
 Turkey Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
Commanders and leaders
Bahoz Erdal (Turkish claim)
50 commandos 100[1]
Casualties and losses

26 killed[1]

18 injured[1]
(Turkish claim)

23 killed during the attack; 49 killed in following operations

(Turkish claim)

The 2011 Hakkari attacks occurred on the night of October 19, 2011,[2] when over 100 PKK fighters killed 26 Turkish soldiers.[3] It was allegedly the deadliest PKK attack on Turkish security forces since the May 24, 1993 PKK ambush in which 33 soldiers were killed.[4] The PKK claimed the attack was to avenge a high-ranking PKK commander killed by Turkish operations in Iraqi Kurdistan earlier.[5]

Turkish security forces claimed to have killed 49 PKK fighters in their slight retaliation during the next days according to Turkish media.[6]

According to claims made by Turkish authorities, the alleged attack was carried out by the Syrian branch of the PKK, led by Dr. Bahoz Erdal.[5]


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