2002 Kabul bombing

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Coordinates: 34°31′59″N 69°09′58″E / 34.533°N 69.166°E / 34.533; 69.166

2002 Kabul bombing
LocationKabul, Afghanistan
DateSeptember 5, 2002
Attack type
Car bombing

The 2002 Kabul bombing was a car bombing that killed 26 people and wounded 167 on September 5, 2002, in front of the Ministry of Information and Culture building in Kabul, Afghanistan.[1] It was the biggest and deadliest attack since the formation of the Karzai administration. The Taliban, al-Qaeda, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's group have all been suspects. It came shortly after Hekmaytar called for a holy war against the foreign troops of ISAF.[2][3] Just a few hours after the bombings, Hamid Karzai narrowly survived an assassination attempt by a Taliban member in the city of Kandahar.[4]


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